a homemade water station mat



A few weeks ago, we had had it.  There were about 5 glasses per person, per day making their way into the dishwasher daily.

I tried to figure out a way to keep one glass per child per day to keep down the washing and keep the girls (and myself) more responsible.  My solution was a water station mat.


I sewed two pieces of Anna Maria Horner's LouLouthi Laminated Cotton (I've been waiting for the perfect project for this beautiful, wipeable fabric) together using red bias tape.  That was it.

We put all of the glasses on the water station to see, spacing-wise, where each glass should fit.  Then, with a Sharpie marker, traced the glasses in their respective place.


With Johanna's new skill of writing her name and Caroline's enthusiasm to write the other names, they were written on the water station mat.  Against Caroline's will, no "Mom" or "Dad" names were written so the space in the back would be flexible if a friend was visiting or Bobby was out of town, etc.


After every meal I simply remind, "take your glass to the water station!", and the little scurrying of feet make their way to the counter.  Now the toddler twins, Ainsleigh and Annabelle, reach as best as they can to find their glasses when they want a "cup o' waller."

At the end of each day, glasses are put in the dishwasher, the water station mat wiped down, and by morning we start all over again.  Hope you enjoy!



the sleepy time gal