a happy thanksgiving to you


Happy Thanksgiving my friends!  Here is a Thanksgiving something that you and the kiddos could make with any extra dough from your pie or cookie making today.

IMG_7892 IMG_7893

Trace your child's hand in dough.  We used a whole wheat cookie recipe so the dough would be brown.  Bake.



Decorate with what is on hand or buy specialty candies.  We had gumdrops, mini marshmallows, dried blueberries, almond slivers, and teaberry candies.


When you're finished, you will have a variety of sizes of turkeys. You can eat them or decorate the table with a row of your own family members represented as turkeys!


I hope this is a special, meaningful Thanksgiving week for you and your loved ones.  I'm grateful this day for the love and friendship I feel from you.  I'm grateful for all the people that inspire me and strengthen me.  And so many of them come from this special place, this blog.  Thank you.

the sleepy time gal