a framed wall

IMG_4272 It took two visits to a yard sale and my mother's basement finds to gather quite the collection of old frames, in just two days.  I was on a mission since Bobby was out of town for the weekend and had little time to know what in the world I was doing.



Pillows had been made prior although Caroline dutifully stuffed the yellow linen (my Granny's fabric) throws hastily for me.  The girls, of course, were in on the anniversary surprise.  I had always liked this idea, so spending a total of $5 on old frames was pretty encouraging.

IMG_4276 IMG_4287

How to make a framed wall (in under two hours with a little wet paint on my good pants and on the bedroom wall):

  1. Gather a variety of sizes and shapes.  You really want at least one oval.  Thrift stores are notorious for having old frames--just get rid of the old art.  The more variety in sizes and style the more visually stimulating.
  2. Paint wooden frames.  Sure you could use spray paint with a semi-gloss, but I had to use what was available when you have four sleeping upstairs: craft paint.  And hey, it worked.
  3. My suggestion: paint some with two coats and simply "dry brush" others.  That is painting with very, very little paint on the brush.  It will pick up on the texture of the wood while revealing the frame's age.
  4. Throw in an accent color here and there.  Mine were already yellow.  Perfect.
  5. Lay them all out on the floor and play around with their positions.  You definitely want some order with frames lining up.  If not, it will be difficult to make sense of it when you look at it, mathematically.  Having another set of eyes might help.  (Thanks Mom, and for my favorite frame.)


And this frame kept it's art.  A little paint and it found a home else where in the room.  Now we have a room, a real master bedroom, instead of just a laundry drop off.  And let me tell you, we're talkin' mountains! But you'll never see that...

the sleepy time gal