a few things


I'm back.  I guess I was back yesterday, but not mentally back.

So here I am today, thinking about a whole array of things, like probably serving cereal for breakfast again, remembering to water the garden, getting back into my maternity swimsuit this morning to take the girls for a swim, and taking pictures of Johanna's completed bedspread quilt.  Yes, I completed it sometime last week.  I gave up on the hand quilting (no one told me how time consuming hand quilting a twin bed quilt would be!) and used my machine.  Much faster.  

That was one of those tasks on your to-do list that when you finally can honestly check it off, it is more like a huge weight off your shoulders.  Can you tell I'm not much of a quilter??

Here are a few more things I think you might be interested in:

  • This incredible green goddess dressing as seen above.  It is in one of my favorite cookbooks, [amazon_link id="1400054346" target="_blank" ]Barefoot Contessa at Home[/amazon_link].  I pour it on bibb lettuce, spread it on turkey and cheese sandwiches, and don't mind when it drips down the side of the bottle so I can wipe it up with my finger.
  • One of The Sleepy Time Gal's sponsors, Moo.com, is offering 30% off everything!  The offer is valid until July 14th.   Remember my mini business cards?  I love that you can print cards and stickers with your own photography and family photos!  Check out the sale before it's gone.
  • A pretty cool and free NASA app.  You can click on each planet of the solar system, see pictures and specs, and the best part of all, short clips of NASA television.  You can see eclipses as seen in space and the likes.  My girls love it.
  • I am loving this beach fabric, October Afternoon--possibly used for something for all the girls and their cousins to enjoy in a few weeks at the Outer Banks, NC.


So, here are a few questions for you:

  •  Have any of you used a moses basket for your babies?  What did you think of them?
  • What are some of your most successful travel activities for your kids on road trips?  I'd love some ideas.


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