a family's party

IMG_3163 This blue hubbard squash has become so delightful on my porch I never want to go pack to orange round pumpkins.  I actually remembered to do something decorative to my porch for the party on Saturday.  And it cost a total of $8 down at the old man's produce stand.




And the party is now a great memory.  This was my first experience planning and organizing something with my four siblings in our adult lives.  One sister mopped my floor, another made the punch, and brothers were on duty keeping the twins from the cake and so forth.  (Well, they were on duty after Ainsleigh already had swiped at the cake.)

I love this photo of my brother, Travis, with his arm around my dad.  This is real.  The bond is tight.  And there was something special felt that night in honoring my parents that everyone felt.  I think my favorite part was working together with my brothers and sisters, then standing back, and letting friends and family enjoy my parents.  I've never experienced this before.


My menu platter remained standing all night (thank goodness) and slowly and surely the house was left quiet again.  Empty cups to be found the next morning.

Bobby and I just sat feeling the goodness of it all, feeling very content.  Very simple food, a simple cake, and simple fall decorations.  And yet, standing and working side my side my brothers and sisters for our good parents was unforgettable.  These are life's sweetest moments that remind me why family is all that matters.