apple turkeys

I remember making these apple turkeys when I was a little girl.  Back then my mom would buy spice drops for the turkey feathers and now that I think of it, I don't think any of my siblings cared for them.  But it didn't matter: mom was actually buying bright-colored candy.  Period.

The concept for apple turkeys when I was little was pretty basic: marshmallow head, raisin eyes, and toothpicks holding all of those spice drops in place.

Now that this apple turkey tradition has been continued with my kids, we've added a few more options: clementine wedges halved and red grapes halved.  We've replaced the raisins with golden raisins for the eyes (since those are the only raisins my girls like) and JujyFruit Heidi candies for the spice drops.

I slice a few red JujyFruits into thin strips for the kids to moisten with a dab of water and stick to the turkey's marshmallow head.  The raisins can simply be cut in half and the moist inner raisin is moist enough to adhere to the marshmallow for eyes.

It's a delicate process, can't you tell??

{While some girls finished turkeys at the counter the others ran around downstairs, outside, and ended up gabbing right here.  I love happy commotion in my house.}

Interestingly, the oldest girls loaded their turkeys up with fruit and the younger ones...

Well, they tried fitting one clementine in there.  Great job, Annabelle.

I didn't dare want the eight girls to eat their turkey right away--goodness sake--at least let your moms see them first! So I made a coconut sugar caramel + apples turkey platter.  A very sad looking turkey that is.

Each apple turkey was so unique (some added tails and head feathers) and all of them were absolutely adorable.  All of us were pretty pleased with our colorful, pleasant turkeys on the counter.  And somehow, this little tradition never gets old.  Even when you're a mom.

And that's the tail of our story.

What pre-Thanksgiving family traditions do you have?