a fairy day...



Good morning.  

Are your kids waking up much earlier than usual these bright and sunny summer mornings?  Mine are.  A little too early for me.

I've been absent from this space a little this week due to a leaking ceiling, torn-down ceiling, and all the drama that goes into life's unexpected adventures.  


The other day I spent most of the day without my older girls.  The twins and I started upstairs with putting laundry away.  Then we moved on to something else, putting fairy dresses on.  It started out as an unplanned day but hour by hour it turned into a fairy day.

With my whole attention on them and their whole attention on me, we played...


  • first stop was to a fairy salon equipped with fairy glitter nail treatment, fairy powder and lip gloss to aid with flying...



{Aren't these homemade diaper bags beautiful? A friend made them for the twins' birthday.}

  • fairy babies and diaper bags were packed for the day's preparation before the fairy ball.  Notice the dagger?  Not sure why that was packed...


  • magical rings and bracelets were presented to each fairy to "help them make good choices" being a fairy....


  • king daddy invited them to a special fairy restaurant for lunch (i.e. the kitchen counter) for yogurt and strawberries and such...



  • fairy crowns were completed from their fairy ballet camp from the week before, this time with mommy helping with the glueing...


  • and because my girls were getting so into being fairies and mommy was as well, we made some special fairy-dust gel before big sisters returned home.  (I'll show you how to make it tomorrow.)  The girls love rubbing a little fairy dust on their hands and arms before going to the royal fairy ball.  It is so pretty and smell so good, too.


It was such a special day just for my littlest girls.  The fairy-ing went on all day and boy did they play the part!   I loved having the time just with them without anyone else (except Rowan) to distract or need me.

Now in the mornings they get their dresses on and ask to play fairies.  I'm so happy they remember our day!  Sometimes those littlest girls just need their mommy all to themselves.  And I need it just as much.


(See the recipe to Homemade Fairy Dust Gel.)

the sleepy time gal