a drawstring bag


I've really missed sewing lately.  The list is growing of things our home needs and my children and I could use.


With out-of-towners gone, our little world has returned to normal.  And so yesterday I was determined to get my foot going on that sewing pedal.  Top on the list: drawstring bags.  I have quite a project and drawstring bags are the first half of the organizational project.  Here is the first bag: wool lined with cotton.  It has been amazing how the addition of the liner actually encourages little hands to reach in and pull out and, thankfully, refill once they are finished. IMG_6980 IMG_6988

The fun addition is this vinyl pocket.  You know of my love for vinyl already.  The pocket lets me write down the bag's contents while allowing me to switch it from time to time.  (I'm still debating the best way to label the paper.)  Many more bags (and a unique twist to order) to come.