a daily menu board + today's chef

IMG_9812 Good morning.

It so happens that a daily menu board has been in the works for all the times I hear, "What are we having for breakfast?"or "What are we having for lunch?".  Thankfully, my original DIY dry erase board on my kitchen counter rarely was used and I realized that with a crisp and ironed new piece of fabric in my frame I'd have my solution all ready to begin using.

And now kids are excited to see the day's meals printed and when they're in charge in the kitchen with me for the day.  It gives them something to look forward to and keeps them informed on a few of the most important activities in our day: preparationeating.  


The best part is really involving them all in the kitchen more--beginning with some of the menu/snack planning down to the making/baking/and experimenting with new recipes.  I'm pretty excited about it.  It'll be a great outlet to trying new dishes that at least one child--that day's chef--will be more open minded to try.  (Super excited about these zucchini +parmesan pizza crusts later this week.)

It's so good for my girls to see what mommy puts in the things she bakes that they enjoy.  I want them to see first hand the sometimes unusual or rather, untraditional, ingredients--like the chocolate zucchini spice cupcakes--so they learn and appreciate that things can be very healthy and tasty at this young age.

This morning Caroline chose the breakfast.  A bit more time consuming recipe (from [amazon_link id="1624140165" target="_blank" ]this cookbook[/amazon_link]) but what better way to spend a Monday morning than with an eager almost 9 year old who's excited about a new, healthy recipe.  I'll take that eagerness any day in the kitchen.  It makes my job easier and helps nurture a health-minded, experimental + knowledgable, confident child in the kitchen.


Here's to you and your Monday morning breakfast!


the sleepy time gal