a christmas to-do chalkboard

5227401741_26b8249a84_b I've heard that many of you have made the chalkboard menu platter and the board book message board recently!  Well, here is a little tip for whatever you've painted with chalkboard paint that is out on display in your home.


Instead of using our chalkboard menu platter for our daily and weekly menu, it has actually become more functional as our special projects list.

In November it read:


make turkey cookies

make pilgrim bonnets

make Indian clothes


And now for this first week of December, Caroline helped write:

Christmas Fun

make snowflake ornaments

plan a party

The whole idea is that those special things you want to do or plan to do are not on some slip of paper only you see.  But your children read it, pass by it frequently, get involved, get excited about, and initiate activities.  Because our chalkboard platter is in our dining room, many morning breakfasts include discussing one of the projects as a family.  It is a great conversation piece.

Your chalkboard platter can be written upon seasonally, monthly, weekly, or daily with the projects you hope to do.  Every time I pass our project list it keeps me accountable to what the girls and I have discussed doing.

So now I'd love to hear.  What is on your project list this coming week?