a child creates

IMG_9001 The last few days have reminded me how exciting it is to have at least one child that thinks like me.  My Caroline.  She's the one that gets the most excited over all of my ideas.  She's the one that jumps on the idea of making presents for her family members and does it exquisitely.

For example, the beautiful package above.  It was her idea to wrap Johanna's handmade gift in fabric and ribbon.  It had to be red, of course.  Now after her dedicated efforts to make it, she's having second thoughts about giving it away.

IMG_8881 IMG_8866

And then Caroline thought of this storybook for her Sunday School teachers, whose last names are Rowley and Pollock.  (That gives you enough to deduce the title of the story and the clay roly poly characters themselves.)  She (we) couldn't wait to hand them their storybooks on Sunday.


Johanna does appear for brief spurts of creating if scissors or paints are involved, like with her Christmas cards she made and handed out.  As soon as the cutting was done, she was out of there.  Well, she stood still for a moment for me to catch her in the background.

Such different personalities.  Caroline would stay by my side all day to create and Johanna would be too busy talking to her baby dolls, making up songs at the piano, or putting on her fifth dress for the day. IMG_8945

How are your days winding down before this most special weekend?

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