a boy




My mother-in-law says that Rowan is starting to "look like himself".  You know--less baby-like and more like the little boy he'll become.   I couldn't agree more.

As our family walked back towards home last evening after a post-dinner walk, I watches as my girls skipped and raced each other home.  Around all of the commotion there was Bobby carrying Rowan.  As Rowan tried to follow all of his sisters from up on Daddy's shoulder, I realized that I have a boy.  

 I don't know how, but there is a slightly different love for him.  He is my son, I am his mother.  I will mean something slightly different to him as his mother than a mother to my daughters.  A slightly different relationship that is.  Isn't that the way it is supposed to be?

He puts up with the dresses and headbands that my girls adorn him with daily.  And I can count on him being protected and mothered by many more little women than just me for many more years.  He has changed the face of our family.  The presence of a boy--something I was so reluctant about--has changed us.  And we can't imagine our world without our mellow little boy.

the sleepy time gal