a bedtime tale

IMG_5599 There is new excitement in our house when bedtime approaches.  The girls gather with their new bedtime map and the excitement begins...


This is the beautiful Bedtime Tales Map that Made by Bedtime Tales created just for our family and you readers!  (There is a free download below.)  I'm thrilled we get to be the first to enjoy this at home and at yours, as well!

There is a Bedtime Tale map and a map key to help you along until your children arrive in dreamland.  The kids love matching the characters on the map to the same characters on the key to know what we are to do next to get ready for bedtime.


Come see our bedtime routine with our exciting bedtime map...


The girls sit excitedly as I read the next step on the map.


"Sleeping Ballerina likes to do one last twirl and sway to get out all her energy before bed.  Turn on some soft tunes and do a few spins around the room."

The map then covers:

potty time with Oat the Cow near the out-house in Bedtime Land

bath time with Pirate

PJ time with Selina Sweet the Seamstress


"Monster Mary Horner reminds us, 'Don't forget to brush your teeth.'  She has two fangs she makes sure to scrub every night.

Go ahead and brush your teeth extra well tonight!"

Then there is:

taking a ride on the Bedtime Tales train down the hall to your bedroom


"Adelaide Fairy loves to read!  Climb into bed and ask Mom or Dad to share your favorite book or bible story with you before bed."

"Lila Lilly Mouse always says her prayers.  'Dear Lord, Thank you for a beautiful day and please bless my friends and family!'  Is there anything you would like to pray about before bed?"


"You're all snuggled in!  One more hug and kiss and then you're off to dream land!"

Isn't that map and its characters wonderful?  We've had so much fun winding down from our day following the map to bedtime.  I hope you try it out!  Made by Bedtime Tales has these same characters on their lovely blog as well.  You'll fall in love with them and so will the kids.


Download your own Bedtime Tales Map and Key.  I simply mounted mine onto cardstock and keep it in a special place for each evening.

Thanks Bedtime Tales!


the sleepy time gal