a bedroom for two

All of my childhood I shared a room. At one point in high school with fewer children home, I claimed the basement room for myself. That was the first time I felt unsettled going to bed alone. My girls pile on the bed and quietly enjoy being-- being so close to each other, being still in the safety of their own room, together.

Their room got another facelift from newborn photos hanging, diapers stacked, and soft baby animals scattered to big girl things. Well, just beds and a dresser, with expectations of bed making happening at least sometimes.

Clothes sometime make their way into their shared dresser, rarely folded but nicely laid inside; PJs on top, tops in the middle, and pants/skirts on the bottom.

And once the laundry enters their space, it's transformed into new uses. Much more creative uses than I would of come up with.

And yes, there's the struggles with bedtimes with two active girls that would rather be playing with the other than falling asleep.

But, oh, how it satisfies a Mommy's heart that her two loves love the safety and security found in their roommate.