A and A's second birthday

IMG_4463 How was your weekend?  Long, I hope.  We had a full weekend, starting off with Ainsleigh and Annabelle's birthday party Friday morning.  Come see the party....


The whole plan for the party was that Ainsleigh and Annabelle, and their little friends, would enjoy their birthday present that Daddy built: a new sandbox.  Bobby finished it 30 minutes before the party.  1,800 pounds of sand and a quick coat of paint in the dark the night before, and Voila!, a new, enormous (perfect for our family) sandbox.


We did our best to keep the twins inside the house until the party actually started, to reveal the sandbox to them at the right time.

They loved it.  They rolled in it, experiemented with it in their hair, sat and let the sand roll through their fingers....


I made two petite 6 inch cakes, my new favorite size.  It was too chilly and breezy for the candles to stay lit, so we just sang to the girls.  Two "Happy Birthday" songs, of course.

IMG_4460 IMG_4508 IMG_4526

If you couldn't tell, this was a pseudo fabric-themed party.  It started with the fabric invitations, then fabric garland, and then layering of fabrics to create a tablecloth.  (It was a blast throwing fabrics and patterns together!)

IMG_4535 IMG_4549

Thanks to all of you that ate ice cream in the cold.  (It was my first time making vanilla bean ice cream.  If you make ice cream, you've got to try this recipe!)

IMG_4544 IMG_4455

(If you're wondering, we got the paper straws, wooden ice cream scoops, and paper cups from Sweet Lu Lu's.  I found the pin wheel party favors at Target in the $1 bin.)


Happy birthday to two busy little girls who bring so many smiles to our family.  It is hard for me to believe that they started out on this earth at 3 and 4 pounds.  They have quite the story to tell about their lives so far.

We love you so much!

(I will be tallying the most recent number of boxes going to 2-3 locations in Japan this morning.  AND I have more photos from Sachiko of your boxes.  Those will be going up on Flickr after breakfast.)

Happy Monday!


the sleepy time gal