6th annual bake off




{Our entry this year.  Recipe link below and definitely a gem of a recipe.}




Page 2 IMG_5452 Page 1{First year competitor, Maya, takes home the trophy with her decadent chocolate cake + chocolate buttercream frosting.  She was quite proud of her work.}

IMG_5407 We are always blessed with the most beautiful, clear, fall days when it's our Bake Off.

This year we had new competitors, adorable entries, and family recipes entered into the competition.

The girls and I decided to use some of our apples from our recent trip to the orchard to incorporate into our recipe.  We were very impressed with these Gluten-Free Soft Batch Apple Cider Gingersnap Cookies.  Instead of putting applesauce in the dough (as it called for) we processed a huge honeycrisp apple from the orchard.  We were a little intimidated with the large amount of apple cider vinegar (1/2 cup since we doubled it) that the recipe called for but oh, did it make the cookies absolutely amazing!

One of my favorite parts of our Bake Off is watching the children hold their prized work and tell us about it: ingredients, the process, their favorite part, things they changed, their problem solving, innovative decorations, etc.  Once the tallies are in (which the oldest kids take care of) everyone is excitedly anticipating to hear the outcome.  Such good, happy competition!


If you want to host your own Bake Off here are all the details to start your own tradition!

Organize a Mommy/Child Bake Off


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