5-minute peach frozen yogurt

I know.

Still talking about peaches. 

We are kinda overflowing with them.  We are past the point of having any fresh peaches out on the counter.  Thankfully, frozen sliced peaches are a beauty to a number of recipes.  One being 5 minute peach frozen yogurt.  It literally takes 5 minutes to make which is my kind of healthy, natural snack/dessert to make.  And is absolutely beautiful with specks of red from the skin and its bright orange flesh.

It's simple: frozen peaches, plain greek yogurt, a splash of lemon juice, and drizzle of honey.

And blend.  It's that simple but truly a sweet (end of) summer treat.

I double the recipe so we can enjoy the flavors of summer well into the fall.  It serves up as a fancy dessert in glass punch cups or perfectly refreshing for an afternoon snack flopped on the couch with the kids and spoons in hand.

5 minute peach frozen yogurt

{Yep--that's the packed indoor freezer: peach popsicles, two tubs of frozen yogurt, an (upcoming recipe of) frozen peach bars, and lots of shredded frozen zucchini and zucchini soup.  Revealing your freezer is like revealing your kitchen miscellaneous drawer: it's a little uncomfortable.}

Make now or pin for later.  

Today's the anticipated packing day for our beach trip.  Tomorrow is the anticipated baking day. These are the fun days.

Have a peachy Thursday!