32 and counting...


{one of the playdate tea parties from last week--a perfect way to share leftover birthday cake with a friend.}

The celebrating has died down.  Remnants of last week are strewn across countertops and lots of bundled flowers are needing to be hung to dry properly.

It is a new week.  And an anticipated milestone of a week in terms of this pregnancy, for me.

I'm officially 32 weeks along.  I can't help but continually remind myself that is when my last pregnancy ended, when two weak and tiny babies were born to us.  Bobby is surprised I remember the details so well, but a woman never forgets these things.

I can't imagine if this boy came right now in my life.   As September gets closer, I feel the reality and closeness of his coming.  I have no reason to expect a preemie, but once you've had one, I think it sticks in your maternal mind.

I stay busy, of course, with the day to day activities with four girls, but in the back of my mind I'm antsy to get to my baby prep list.  In no time at all the upcoming month will be winding down and my wide open month of October, waiting for baby, will be my reality.  Until then, I'll just be grateful for each day that he can grow bigger and stronger inside of me.  Something now, I've learned from the twins, is truly a luxury.


I hope you had a relaxing weekend yourself!


the sleepy time gal