How can I put this: you go to your first prenatal appointment expecting to see a healthy baby in the ultrasound and instead of seeing one blob in the ultrasound, you see two...


There is so much to write. For one thing, the Lord has been totally preparing me for the news. For the last month I've had a feeling that we were having twins. Of course I had all of these conversations with Bobby, who was trying to get the idea out of my mind because it was impossible.

So after seeing one healthy baby in the ultrasound and then hearing the doctor say, "Wait a second...", I knew. Bobby of course kept asking, "Are you sure? Are you sure?" Squeezing Bobby's hand, while he held crying Johanna and Caroline sat confused watching the events unfold-- I felt the most incredible joy.

We've felt much peace. We've been given so much peace. Despite the life changes this is causing, it is thrilling knowing that two little people are together, now, as I write.

Big changes have taken place in 48 hours. Like deciding to up and sell our place and look for a larger home right here where family is close and friends are warm. Yes, the plan to paint every wall on our home white, pack up some stuff and prepare for interested buyers will be happening during this unpleasant TWIN morning sickness that I despise.

But I have this overpowering nesting feeling where I will do anything to know that I will have space and a warm home for my babies.

So there is our story of how we will, in late spring, go from 2 children to 4. We should find out in a week if they're identical, and 2 months the sexes.

We appreciate your prayers in getting out of our current home and for the health of our wee ones. Life is amazing. Our souls are full...